Below you will find the answers to some of our more frequently asked questions

United Campus Bookshop at UNE is located very close to the Dixon library, under the ‘Stro and right next to the Regional Australia Bank. We are open 51 weeks of the year, 9am to 5pm. At the start of trimester we open extended hours. View a map of our location
We accept direct debits, money orders, and the usage of purchased gift vouchers and in-store credits. All methods of payment can be chosen by you before you checkout your order. See Payment Options (link Payment Options: http://www.ucb.net.au/payment-options/) for more details.

Use Your Phone/Tablet/Computer

We provide the textbook lists on-line and if you have a smart-phone, you can enter in your unit codes in store and find your text. To get your list, you’ll need the unit codes you have enrolled in.

You can confirm these by logging into to myUNE and checking your enrollment.

  • Unit codes are usually 4 letters and 3 numbers, for example ‘CHEM123’.
  • Enter your unit codes into the Textbook Search fields on our home page, and you’ll get a list showing all confirmed textbooks, their prices and stock availability. Print out your list and bring it with you to the Bookshop to save yourself time.
  • A list showing all your texts, their prices and stock availability will come on screen.

In Stock:

Titles held in stock will be sent to you immediately with an expected (average) delivery time of 2-5 days by Australia Post. International orders may take a little longer.

Not In Stock:

Title(s) not in stock will be sourced from our supplier and it is likely we have an existing order to maintain stock levels. You will see an approximate date when the text is due. Generally, if there is no date on the website, you might be looking at the wrong book and need to give us a call or an email. Titles in stock with our Australian suppliers take 1-4 weeks. Overseas suppliers take 3-6 weeks.

During busy times, there’s a rush on books. Placing your order online puts you ahead of the queue but does not guarantee stock is available every time. We reserve books you buy as soon as your order comes through but stock sometimes runs out quickly. We endeavour to refill stock before it runs out.

Yes, we recommend early purchase. Textbook information is finalised 8 weeks prior to commencement of lectures. Our bookshops have pre-ordered all the required text. Ensure you purchase the books you need for the trimester your unit is being taught, as different trimesters can have different requirements.

Unit Codes are an abbreviation of the unit name you are enrolled in. Rather than spell out the entire subject name, UNE provides you with a short code with the first two to four letters representing the department of study: (PSYC is for Psychology, LAW is for Legal Studies) and three numerical digits that define the level of study (usually 100 levels are first year, 300 levels are third year, 101 is a prerequisite for 102 and the like).

View the A-Z list of UNE unit codes. (Link to CAUC)

To find out what you have enrolled in, go to My UNE login and click on my study at the top of the page to view your units and their codes listed in a large box on the right with the heading “My Units and Services”.

Prescribed Text – This textbook is deemed essential by your course coordinator to complete the subject.

Recommended Text – These textbooks are deemed to be a useful resource by your course coordinator to aid you in the unit’s study. You may decide to purchase the text sometime throughout the unit and we try to hold a small quantity on hand for this purpose.

Reference Text – These textbooks provided some level of information used to develop the unit and therefore deserve recognition and a reference. They aren’t required to purchase for the unit.

United Campus Bookshops offer you a new and exciting method of selling your old UNE textbooks. Our system offers them for sale on line to a substantial marketplace and we have a new and large space in store at the University of New England. You can sell your books at up to 80% of current new price. We charge 34% of your price as commission (plus GST).

Sell used textbooks

Our new website offers second hand textbook from previous students for your units of study at UNE. Have a look today how you can find second hand textbooks and save money.

Buy used textbooks

We either direct our customers to other websites we trust, such as Dixon library eBook links
We provide an email with your exclusive code and specific instructions for downloading eBooks. We check these by hand, so please allow 24 hours for the email to arrive. If you order after working hours, please wait until the next working day.

Should you experience any trouble with downloads, please contact us first and provide the code you are trying to access. Also provide the date you purchased. If you ordered online, your customer code helps us find the tax invoice required by publisher to reactivate code. If you ordered in store, please provide the receipt of purchase as your details are not on our system.

Email: armidale@ucb.net.au
Phone: 02 6772 3468